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01 October 2009 @ 02:14 am
She Lives!!!  
I realize how ridiculously sad it is that I haven't had a good update in over a year. I've gone back over the past couple of months and read this journal in its entirety, as well as my other LJ and my Deadjournal. I guess this past year has been an important one for me, mostly because above anything, it has taught me to never, ever forget the past, and most importantly, never forget those who are involved in your past. I have so, SO much to write about, and I honestly don't think I'll be able to get it done in just one entry, so this huge update might possibly occur over several posts, but hopefully I am able to get everything down that I want to mention. I do want to start posting on a normal basis again... I feel like there has been something missing since I have stopped writing about my life. Plus, I've noticed that my writing is terribly rusty, and I like to think that this somehow will help my diminishing writing skills. With that said...

There were a few things I mentioned in the entry I made last September, one being that Sarah and I were going to the gym on a regular basis. We actually made a good run of it, and I found myself getting back into shape. We did go for quite a while and at one point, I was biking almost ten miles in less than 45 minutes- it rocked! Unfortunately, I haven't been to the gym since the day before St. Patty's Day, and I'm afraid that I've gained back the weight I lost (and then some), but with winter coming, and a sudden burst of motivation- followed by a bout of depression- I am determined to get back into the habit of going to the gym. I know, I've said this for years that I want to lose weight, but I am very unhappy with the fact that I've gained thirty pounds since I moved up to the Bangor area and I want to change it. I hope this journal serves a big part in my efforts to lose weight, because I really need something to keep me motivated. Maybe writing about it will.

Again, mentioned in the previous entry, I was going to see Flogging Molly. I saw Flogging Molly. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time... they were amazing and I'd love to see them again. I also saw a lot of people from high school that I hadn't seen in years, kind of like the old gang was back together again for another show at the Asylum just like we used to be when we were sixteen and stupid. It rocked.

Ah yes, now the Red Sox game. That was, hands down, one of the best nights of my life. Not only did we win the game- and I go 2 for 2 at Fenway that year- but we clinched the AL East Wild Card. So naturally, the team came out after the game with champagne and celebrated on the field, which it was so awesome to see and be there for. We got right behind the Sox dugout too. After the game, we decided to go to Game On!, the bar right inside Fenway for a couple of drinks. We enjoyed a few drinks and were about to leave when we turn around and Coco Crisp and a few other players are walking towards the back of the bar. Ten minutes later, 80% of the team is in the bar with about three hundred Red Sox fans. Beckett, Lester, Pedroia, and Timlin were all behind the bar handing out shots and beers to anyone that wanted one. The music was blasting, everyone sang along to "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi, and we were celebrating. It just blew my mind that the Sox players would actually go to a bar packed full of Sox fans and involve us in the celebration. It was such a surreal experience to look to my left and see Josh Beckett biting off the cap to some kid's Budweiser and spitting it out, and then look to my right and see Mike Timlin dancing on a table. Plus! I got to meet Mike Lowell (he called me "sweetie!") and formally introduce myself to Dustin Pedroia, and get an atomic high five from Jon Lester- I swear I thought my hand was on fire for about a half an hour. That's something I know I'll never forget, and it also makes me mad because I had told myself that I wouldn't need a camera, and my cell phone camera just didn't cut it. Oh well, I have some great stories to tell anyway.

Sarah and I got a new addition to our house... we took in her sister's cat Shibby last October, and she's been living with us ever since. I was hesitant in getting a cat, just because I'm not much of a cat person by any means, and I'm allergic, but she's grown on me and fit right in. She's a joy to have around, when she's not eating the plants and terrorizing my gerbils, but I love having an animal in the house to greet me when I come home and to spoil rotten, and trust me, she is.

I'm currently not teaching at the moment, as most of you already know. With the economy the way it is, jobs are scarce in almost any field, but especially with education with all the budget cuts, and the zillions of other teachers looking for a job like me. This year I want to start subbing again, especially since I wasn't able to last year and I know that I'm rusty. The older I get, the more I wish I could go back and do student teaching over again, just because I don't think that I was ready to take it quite so seriously the first time around. Well, not because I didn't take it seriously in the first place, I don't think I had enough confidence the first time around. Not to say I have much confidence now, but I like to think I have more than I did at that point.

In the meantime, I'm working as a full-time second assistant manager at Yankee Candle. I was hired as a seasonal manager, but I was kept on after the season was done, and promoted to full time. So, not only do I get a minimum of 32 hours a week, but I get benefits too. My parents were worried that I wasn't going to have health insurance for so long that they were relieved when I was able to get it through work. I like my job alright... I like having more responsibility involved in the job, and I absolutely love the people that I work with. I've made some great friends working at YC, and it makes waking up and dealing with bitchy customers a little more tolerable when you know the second the assholes leave the door, you and your co-worker are going to be joking about it. The holiday season last year seemed to go by faster than the previous years, probably because I was so busy at work. It was such a rough year for everyone because of American Steel being bought out by a bunch of douchebags that don't know their head from their ass. We got news a few weeks ago that the company is about to file for bankruptcy... serves them right, assholes. My dad's new business is doing really well, and he and my brother are really busy, which keeps the both of them out of trouble!

I was able to spend Christmas with my family and my grandfather which was awesome considering everything that happened earlier in the year. I was excited to get home and spend time with everyone, but especially my dad in lieu of his operation.. I had Christmas Eve off last year, so my grandfather joined me on the drive down to Portland. I thought it was going to be an awkward drive down and that I'd have to keep the heat on at a thousand degrees so he wouldn't complain, and he was equally nervous about the fact that I was driving and he thought I was going to drive a thousand miles an hour. But, it was a really pleasant drive down, and I was able to talk to my grandfather for longer than I think I ever have. He talked a lot about the war, and places he went when he was in the Navy. I'd never heard him talk about his time in the service much, so it was nice to learn more about him. Plus, he kept complimenting me on how good of a driver I was, and how he was so surprised that we hadn't gone off the road yet, ha!

I brought in the New Year out to camp this year, which was COLD. It was probably the coldest it had gotten all winter so far, and there was about six feet of snow out there already, if not more. I had thought about going to Portland for New Year's, but when I found out that my parents were coming up to the camp, I didn't want to do anything but go out and play cards with them all night. We played cribbage (more like I tried to play cribbage) and I introduced my parents to Apples to Apples- it was hilarious! At midnight, my dad took his pistol and went outside on the front porch of the camp and fired off about eight rounds, he brought the New Year in redneck style. It was sort of symbolic though, him shooting away all the crap that happened to him the past year, kind of like one final FU to the past year. I just felt bad for my poor mother who was standing next to him not realizing he was going to fire off the gun that many times in a row. After that, we opened a bottle of bubbly and drank it until it was gone and we were all feeling pretty damn good.

This next event isn't really of any importance to most, but for me it is a HUGE deal. Ever since I can remember, I've been petrified of needles, morbidly petrified. I just see one and I would instantly be in hysterics, but this past January, I donated blood. Willingly. Didn't even put up a fight. Amazing, no? Sarah's friend has a baby that has Diamond Blackfan Anemia, which I don't know the exact specifics, but I do know that her body can't produce hemoglobin for her blood, so she relies heavily on transfusions every couple of weeks. The Maine Blood Center was having a blood drive in her name, and Sarah and I went to donate. Poor Sarah passed out while donating, which was awesome because I had a needle in my arm and wasn't able to do damn thing about it. She came to and was fine though. Apparently I'm a good bleeder because it took me no time to fill up that bag- the guy said I was the fastest he had that day. A woman that worked at the blood center asked me why I decided to donate because I told her of my immense fear of needles, and I told her about my dad, and how while he was in the hospital I overcame my fear of needles after seeing them so much, and then how he had to have several transfusions following the surgery. So, I donated for Maggie, but mostly for my dad. So many people had contributed blood to help him out, I felt like I owed someone somewhere for their generosity, so what better way to repay them. My mom was in total shock when I told her what I had done, and I had to take a picture of my smiley face bandage as proof. My mom passed the phone to my dad so I could tell him too, but I still had a hard time telling him it was mostly for him. I know my mom told him eventually, however, because the next time I saw him, I got the biggest hug from him.

There's tons more that I need to write about... and I honestly don't know where to go from here. Oh yeah, that idea for the novel that I had is still... rattling around in my head. I've found out who some of my characters are and a basic plot, but I haven't written most of it down yet. Since the economy is so bad at work, we have a lot of time to just stand around and do nothing, and being a manager, I am alone at work a lot, sometimes for hours. When I'm there, I either read or write... and with an abundance of tissue paper, I tend to write. Most of my novel has been written on tissue paper, but none of it has been typed out, edited, or even put together yet. I guess it's a good thing that I have all that paper there because I would never remember anything that I want to include in the novel. I haven't written much lately- it comes in spurts... I can go months without any ideas, and then have one night where I can't stop writing. I hope that I can get some of it out on paper, or at least out of my brain since Sarah and I are planning on going to a writer's conference in Boston, and perhaps someone can help me out with this idea I have.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now... I will finish this update sooner than a year from now... more like within the next couple of days, now that I've had the proper motivation to actually click on the "update journal" button and start writing. I hope this has opened the flood gates to my writing habits, since I've had none lately. Anywho, rambling now...
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