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03 September 2008 @ 12:33 am
Things are looking up  
These past few weeks have proven to be quite interesting. Since then, I have attended two parties with good friends, one being a Halloween party in August, and the other resulting in a trip to the emergency room, had my car towed, and hopefully started a novel, but I'll get more into those later.

Things with the family are starting to look up. My grandfather is at home and recuperating from the heart attack very well. It turns out he didn't have a blockage in his arteries as originally thought, but instead he had a blood clot. I guess that's good news in the heart attack world, or so we were told.

Dad's slowly getting back on his feet in terms of employment. He's been having meetings with several different companies/groups on starting his own steel business or opening up his own branch of an already established company for a couple of weeks now. Its still weird to think that he's actually unemployed and not working at American Steel anymore, but we're all trying to look at the positives in this case. David's excited to get back to work too. In the meantime, he's planning on going back to school to study masonry. I guess he's enrolled in a few classes at SMCC, and I think that's the best thing he could possibly do for himself. He's been shadowing one of his friends that's into masonry, and it's something he seems to enjoy. As for my mom, she's just riding the huge wave of crazy that's surrounded my family for the past year as best she can. I've had a lot of 2+ hour conversations with her on the phone lately.

Haven't really been out to the camp much since my grandfather had his heart attack, but I was able to spend the night out there a few weeks ago with my brother, Dan, and Baloo. It was pretty fun, until Baloo decided it was a good idea to share a one person cot with me all night...

I've been working at ridiculous amount of hours at Yankee Candle the past few weeks. Tomorrow is my last day of work before I have my first day off in nine days. I am SO ready for those few days off to regain my sanity. Working at a candle store shouldn't be that intense, but Canadians are pretty hardcore when it comes to their candles... I'm pretty bummed out too because I just found out that a co-worker of mine is leaving next week to be a manager somewhere else. Of course the person I get along with the most at work is leaving, but I wish her nothing but the best and tons of happiness.

I hated my car a few weeks ago and seriously contemplated about driving it off a cliff. I love my car to death, but with Volkswagens, whenever something goes wrong, it's always minor yet costs a million dollars to fix. With my car, the battery decided to die. Granted, I've never changed the battery since I've owned it, but this was just beyond ridiculous. I had to have my grandfather come and give me a boost, and then I drove it to the Volkswagen dealership in Bangor to have it fixed. I figured it'd be a small fortune because they were replacing a battery and then resetting the computer in my car. $250 later, I drove my car off their lot. I get on the highway and notice my brakes are incredibly touchy. They mentioned to me they replaced a faulty brake light switch that was recalled. I get off the Kelley Rd. exit and all of a sudden, my gas pedal seems to not be working. My engine is revving and everything, but I'm simply not accelerating. I get about 2/3 the way down Kelley Rd. and notice there's a shit-ton of smoke behind me. My brakes had locked up and my tires were rubbing against my brake pads. I called Darling's (the Volkswagen place) and explained to them what happened, and they came to tow me. My car gets towed and they call me about two hours later (at 11:30 at night) and tell me that the brake light switch they replaced from the supposed faulty switch was, indeed, faulty. That makes sense... how? Don't fix it if it ain't broken... needless to say, they paid for the tow.

Thankfully I was able to use my car that weekend, and I went home to SoPo for a short visit. Mim was having her annual birthday bash, but this year it was back at her parents' house, old school style. It was just like it was back in middle/high school, but there were a lot more people there that I didn't know. It was pretty much a whole lotta people from different periods in Mim's life, so I was thankful to see Ashley and Rik there since I hadn't seen them in forever. It was great to see Mim's parents and her brother and sister. It was so weird seeing Nicky be so... tall, and drinking, and smoking. He's still the little kid I remember who was infatuated with Legos... Anyway, it was a great time to be had by all, everyone was chatting and drinking. Eventually, one of Mim's friends showed up with a Great Dane that was probably the biggest dog I have ever seen in my life. Mim didn't quite use her judgment when she decided to take the dog for a run down her driveway... she fell and smacked her head right into the pavement, which resulted in a gash on her forehead and a trip to the emergency room. In all the confusion, she named her boyfriend, Emily, and myself to accompany her to the emergency room while her father sped the car through SoPo and Portland. Four hours later, at nearly four in the morning, we were headed back to the house, and Mim had five stitches and a whole buncha bandages. We had a late night/early morning snack of Ramen before crashing. On the plus side, Mim has actually moved to Bangor since the party to live with her boyfriend and start a new life, which really excites me. It's like having a piece of home up here finally, I just hope that we actually hang out and have the chance to re-connect again.

Just this past week, I went to Nikki's Halloween party in August. Her friend was moving to Abu Dhabi and her favorite holiday is Halloween, and since they don't celebrate Halloween over there, her going away party was Halloween themed. I dressed up as some fairy-like creature, went to Margarita's, got stared at, watched some kids in the apartment across the street dance like hippies, played Apples to Apples, and had lots of fun.

Oh yeah, last time I posted, I think I was excited about Breaking Dawn coming out. Yeah, Sarah and I went to the midnight release, got bombarded with twelve year olds with "I heart Edward" shirts and had an ok time. I finished the book about a week after I got it and... I really didn't like it. I was very disappointed, but hey, at least the first three were good. I still love my Jacob Black though.

Speaking of, I have been inspired. Yes, I am hoping... praying, that my writer's block, or lack of creative inspiration has ceased to exist. Maybe its inspiration from reading so many vampire novels lately, or the fact that my roommate has written a vampire novel that is more than likely getting published, but I have started a novel of my own. I had this vision in my head of this one scene with five people in it, but I didn't know who they were or why they were meeting. Over the past few weeks, the fuzzy faces are getting clearer and clearer, and the reason for their meeting is getting much more developed. Its in the early stages, but I am very excited that I'm finally getting some creative writing in there without a prompt from a professor.

And that's all she wrote, for now.

Oh, things I'm excited for in the coming months:

-I'm going to the gym with Sarah on a regular basis starting tomorrow. New student rec center on campus has a deal where a student can add someone on to their membership for $25 bucks a semester as long as they live under the same roof. Hells yeah! I've gained 30 pounds in the past 3 years... NOT ok in my books. My goal: 8 pounds by the beginning of December.

-FLOGGING F'N MOLLY at the Asylum on September 19th.

-Sox game on September 23rd.

-Applying at school districts around the area. Wish me luck!
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