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28 February 2008 @ 12:35 am
Monsoon Season  
I'm so excited for this month to be over, because it's seriously been one of the worst months of my life. I guess when it rains, it pours. Ladies and gentlemen, it's officially monsoon season.

I haven't really got a lot to update about my dad's condition. Surgery is next week, and a lot more intense than previously thought. It was basically confirmed that it's cancer, which blew me away yet again. He's going in on Thursday for a small procedure before the big operation, which will be Friday. Surgery is going to last up to six hours, with several different specialists in the room just in case anything goes wrong. After surgery, my dad is going to be in intensive care for up to 10 days, but they expect anywhere from 5-7 days. It depends on how well he recuperates. He's going to have to undergo some blood transfusions as well. My mom told me all this information while choking back lots of tears. I just can't believe this is reality. This completely came so out of left field for us that I guess it makes the blow hurt that much more. I don't really know how my dad is taking it yet, he's basically just trying to forget about it all and make sure that everything and everyone is going to be ok in case something happens. He's doing the usual dad stuff and making sure I have everything all set with my car, which is another bad luck story entirely. He's been trying to get his mind off everything by still going to work, but finishing off the day with as many rum & cokes as he can drink. Tonight my mom said he had already had a few drinks when I called. I could tell because he had broken my great-grandfather's fiddle out and was playing it as loud as he could. If my dad had his way, he wouldn't have told anyone about his surgery and condition until next week. Everyone is taking it pretty hard, especially my grandfather. My aunt and my grandfather are coming down for the surgery next week and bunking at the house. I'm either sleeping on the couch or in my parents' bed with my mom. My mom doesn't want to be sleeping at the house anyway, she wants to stay at the hospital with my dad if they'll let her. I guess I can understand since she's only been married to the man for 38 years. But, sleeping arrangements is the last thing on our minds right now because I don't think anyone in my family is going to sleep very well in the upcoming weeks. My mom does all she can to not cry whenever I talk to her, and the fact that my brother hasn't talked to her or gone to visit isn't helping the situation any. She talks like it's the end of the world and that my dad isn't going to make it. All I can do is to tell her to look to the summer when we're all out to the camp next to the fire amongst the blankets of fireflies, roasting marshmallows with Bacardi & Cokes in our hands.

As for the bad luck with my car, it all started a few days before Christmas where I got a flat tire and literally had no one but AAA to come and help me out. The tire got fixed, supposedly, and I had it put back on. But, the tire would continuously deflate. Every Tuesday, I had to go to the gas station to fill it back up. Then, one random time it snowed, my right windshield wiper snapped right off as I was driving. That happened on a Wednesday. Sunday night, my neighbor hit my car while she was backing out of the driveway, leaving a pretty nasty dent in my driver's side door. Tuesday night while driving Dan back to his house, my tire was almost completely deflated and en route to the gas station again, the tire blew out. AAA had to be my savior again. Then Sunday night when I was driving to the hockey game, I rear-ended someone. He had started to make a right hand turn, but for some reason hesitated at the last moment when I had already stepped on the gas. Granted, I hit him when I was only going 5 mph, but I still did some damage to my car, and none to his. I guess I'd rather have it that way, because that's seriously the last thing that I need to worry about. My neighbor did admit to hitting my car, and I have to show her the estimate and get her insurance information. Again, this stuff is really the last thing on my mind right now, I'm more worried about my dad than anything. However, my dad is more worried about me driving around without a spare tire than his current condition. Whatever gets his mind off things, I guess.

I owe the university over a thousand dollars for my class since my Stafford Loan is not going to pay for it since I'm an undecided graduate student. After all of this crap that's been going on with my dad and my car, I am not going to ask them for that money. Therefore, I had to make out yet another loan that will take me a million years to pay off with teacher salary, granted I find a job for next year.

Since I've been subbing a lot in Orono lately, I was given a heads up about a Title I position that is opening up. The job entails helping students who struggle in math or reading and providing supplementary activities to help them understand the material. A 35 hour a week position with benefits, completely ideal for me right now. The position that's possibly opening up is for grade 3-5 math. Oh God, if it was anything but math, but that would make my bad luck month better, and that'd be too good to be true.

Please, if you find the time, pray for my dad. And for my mom, because I honestly think my mom is taking this much worse than my dad ever would, and I just can't imagine my life without both of my parents in it.
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nikkijeanne04: cancer ribbonsnikkijeanne04 on February 29th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Your dad is going to be in my prayers as well your entire family! *HUGS*

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